How To Break 100 In Golf Guide in 2023

How To Break 100 In Golf? Guide in 2023

How To Break 100 In Golf? Yes, you heard it right! Here is an unbelievable fact you can break 100 in golf, but the secret is not that simple. Well, you might be wondering how to break 100 in golf, but don’t worry here I will share some effective tips.

First, it is very important to play golf on green and fresh grass because that is where the ball takes its first landing. But if you play on the course and the ball is hit directly, then the ball will lose some of its power.

And also you must never hit the ball on the rough ground or sand trap as you will end up losing your balance. It is best to play golf in the morning, evening, or in the afternoon and at night. It is best to keep your golf game interesting by adding more balls to your bag and trying to play with as many balls as possible.

Use the wedge to cut the ball

There are so many different ways to use the wedge in golf. There are some people who like to use the wedge and then hit the ball hard, while others simply cut the ball before hitting it. Both of these ways are used by professionals as well as amateur golfers.

To cut the ball properly you have to hit the ball just a little harder. Once you hit the ball with the wedge, it will give it a curve which is called the loft. Now you will only have to aim toward the direction you want the ball to travel.

Try to avoid hitting the ball straight into the wind

The wind plays an important role in the game of golf, especially if you are playing in the early morning. You need to try to stay away from the wind as it will affect your shot and it might be difficult for you to predict the movement of the ball.

Learn to throw a ball accurately

If you can throw a ball accurately, you will not only get more distance but also you will get the required speed that you need for making an accurate swing.


By following these tips you will surely be able to break 100 in golf, and it is also true that you will play better than you did before. Well, you may get different opinions about this, but I am positive that you will like my article.