How To Get Rust Off Golf Clubs? Guide in 2023

Golf is the perfect game for those who like spending their leisure time in a beautiful green environment. If you play a lot of golf then you will see that you need to buy new clubs on regular basis. But the main issue that people struggle to get rid of is the rust on their clubs. In this case, they start looking for new and effective ways to get rid of rust.

You will see a lot of websites and videos that will offer you an ideal solution, but what they fail to mention is that there is no one-step solution for all types of golf clubs.

The best thing to do when you want to get rid of rust on golf clubs is to buy a spray-on rust remover. The spray will contain some chemicals and if you don’t want to use a chemical then you can use some other solutions like lemon juice or vinegar.

Lemon juice

It will also remove the stains if you rub the lemon juice on the clubs. But in this case, you will have to make sure that your golf club has the ability to accept the acid.


If you use apple cider vinegar, then the vinegar is a safe solution to remove the rust from the golf clubs. If you want to get rid of the rust completely then you can use vinegar to clean the club.

Another thing that will help you to get rid of the rust is to wash the clubs with a gentle detergent that will allow the clubs to become wet. Make sure that you use a soft cloth to clean the clubs and if you want to get rid of the rust, then you can polish them with a soft polishing pad.


Rust is the toughest enemy of golfers and if you don’t want to experience it then it is important to know about the causes and also know about the best methods to get rid of the rust.