How To Trick Golf Cart Charger?

How To Trick Golf Cart Charger? Guide in 2023

Do you know that charging your golf cart or the charger of your golf cart can be a tricky task, if you want to make it simple and easy, then you need to use the trick.

Electric golf carts are becoming popular and people are also buying them for their golf cart because it is a convenient tool that allows you to move around your garden or the beach. In most places, you will not find a parking spot for this kind of vehicle.

You need to use this trick if your golf cart is running low on battery and you don’t have enough time to go for recharging.

You need to keep yourself ready to charge your golf cart in case of emergency so that you can charge your golf cart and save your money from being wasted.

So, let us learn how to trick your golf cart and it will save you precious time.

How to Trick Golf Cart

Steps to Trick your Golf Cart:

Step 1:

The golf cart battery needs to be removed before recharging your golf cart.

Step 2:

Keep a note of the exact amount of electricity required to recharge your golf cart.

Step 3:

Then start your car and use your car key to get started on your vehicle.

Step 4:

Once the car starts, you will see the voltage display at the end of the car, so, it means that your golf cart is not charging properly and it needs to be recharged.

Step 5:

Turn your ignition key to the ON position.

Step 6:

Remove your car key, now turn it slowly. The voltage will increase automatically.

Step 7:

Once you get the right voltage level, the indicator LED will show that the car is fully charged.


I hope you learned about this trick and it will be useful for your golf cart.