What Is A Soft Golf Ball

What Is A Soft Golf Ball– Things You Need To Know

When playing golf, I know a lot of people prefer the softer and lighter golf balls, but why is that so? Do they have better performance? What are the benefits of soft golf balls?

If you know the answer to these questions, then you must be curious to know the reasons behind choosing a soft golf ball over a hard golf ball. To solve your queries, here is a simple and easy explanation.

Golf ball type and its features

A golf ball is basically a solid ball made up of three parts which are a core, mantle and cover.

If you observe the surface of the golf ball then you will notice a pattern, where it has a dimple pattern which is the reason for the pattern. A golf ball has a number of dimples on its surface to provide a smooth contact with the club face of the golf club.

Why are the soft golf balls preferred?

Softness is a major factor when we talk about soft golf balls. The softness is the only reason that makes the golf ball feel comfortable while hitting it. But softness doesn’t mean that soft golf balls are bad, instead it is the opposite as a softer golf ball provides a better control over the ball and it helps the player to hit it in the sweet spot.

But why the soft golf balls are called soft golf balls?

If you will see the core of the golf ball then you will notice that there is no hardness inside the core. In fact the core is the softest part of the golf ball.

Why is the core so soft?

The main reason for this is that the ball is designed with the highest compression ratio. This means that the core of the golf ball is made up of very fine resin, rubber, and clay.

As the compression ratio is high, the soft core absorbs a lot of energy and helps the player to hit the ball with a controlled pace.

Benefits of softness

Apart from this, soft golf balls have a soft texture on the surface that makes the ball to be easier for the player to grip it and for the ball to have better control while it is being hit.


To conclude this topic, the softness of the golf balls is the only reason for its popularity. The softness of the golf ball provides a better control, better shot accuracy, and better feel. What Is A Soft Golf Ball