What Is Clear Golf

What Is Clear Golf? Latest Guide in 2023

Golf is a game where you need to hit balls using the clubs of your own choice. There is an option of two forms of golf which are Open and Stroke Play. The strokes of these two golf forms are quite similar but the main difference is the number of shots you need to hit on the course. In Stroke play, you will have to hit the ball from different areas like the tee box, fairway, and green, whereas in Open form you don’t have to hit the ball anywhere, you just need to hit it anywhere on the course.

In this way, one can understand that Clear Golf is the same as Stroke Play but the only difference is that instead of one ball, you need to use the same ball for a whole round. So,

what does it mean by Clear Golf?

The meaning of clear golf is that each player needs to use the same ball throughout the whole round as if it were used in any other form of golf. This makes the game very convenient for players because you don’t need to carry a bunch of different balls.

It can be considered an extreme version of Stroke Play. The only thing you need to do is to prepare the ball before the game.

The Rules of Clear Golf

The rules of clear golf are quite similar to other games like Cricket and Tennis. In these games, the rules are as follows:

• A person can use only one club throughout the whole round.

• If a player hits a ball outside the range of the area specified in the rules, then he will not be allowed to continue playing.

• The players are not required to show the ball that they hit.

• After hitting a ball, a player is not allowed to change the direction of his swing or hit the ball more than once.

• A player can hit the ball only in the area specified.

If you are a beginner then it will be much easier for you to start playing Clear Golf. You can easily find online sites that will help you to learn clear golf.


I have covered the basic facts of Clear Golf. In addition, I have also given you the rules and the requirements needed to start playing the game.

So, I hope this article helped you to understand what is Clear Golf and the basic things needed to get started. If you have any questions regarding the rules, you can leave a comment below.