Why Do I Suck At Golf

Why Do I Suck At Golf? Guide in 2023

10 Common Reasons That You Suck At Golf

Do you feel like you suck at golf? It is very likely that you do! There are many reasons why you suck at golf, but only a few of them will make you feel ashamed. So, here I am sharing with you a list of the most common reasons that will make you feel embarrassed about your golf skills.

Poor putting skills

The putter is the most important tool in golf and if you have a poor putter then you will lose the entire game. Your putting is most important to play golf successfully.

Slow-speed swing

Slow speed swing means slow speed follow through. So, what will be the result of this? The slow swing will make your ball fly far away from your target. You need to follow your golf swing as fast as you can and not slow down.

Bad grip

If you don’t use the right grip on the club and the club will hit the ground in the middle of the swing and it will also hurt your back. In order to have a good grip, you need to hold the handle with two fingers in the middle and four fingers along the top.

Not understanding the rules

You will find that some players have better knowledge of the rules than you, and if you don’t understand the rules, you will be penalized because of that.

Slow putting

Slowing down your putting will make your game less interesting. It is the best time to learn putting skills.

Not knowing how to chip

Chipping is another way to play golf. So, if you don’t know how to chip, then don’t expect to win any golf tournaments.

Poor distance

Your aim needs to be more accurate and in order to get accuracy, you need to learn how to control your shots. The farther you hit the ball, the more distance you will have.

Bad ball striking

If your aim is not accurate and your ball is not hitting the target, you won’t be able to play golf in the proper manner.

Poor ball control

When you try to hit the ball from one side, it will hit in the opposite direction. So, you need to practice the proper movement of your head and body.

Poor swing speed

The speed of your swing is the most important factor that will decide whether your ball will reach the target or not.


Are you feeling like you suck at golf? Then don’t worry. It is easy to improve your game. If you practice these common mistakes and try to understand your weaknesses, then you will be able to play golf in a proper way. These tips will help you to become a better golfer and I wish that you will enjoy playing golf in the right way.